The pandemic has left us in uncharted territory. But CoEd programs are up to the challenge of leading the way forward—from the Spark Program’s new initiatives for foundational learning recovery at the earliest levels, all the way to the Rise Program, which is getting kids back into school and helping them graduate with the skills to obtain professional jobs. There’s still a long road ahead, but thanks to the resilience and determination of the students and teachers we serve—and steadfast supporters like YOU who believe in their potential—vulnerable communities in Guatemala have a solid path forward. They have a chance to overcome the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to see the difference your support made in 2023!

Spark Reading Program

2023 Cumulative Totals




Spark trains primary-school teachers in how to use evidence-based reading methodology in their classrooms and provides their classes with a library of storybooks.

primary-school teachers trained in 2023

The Spark Reading Program trained 243 primary-school teachers in best practices for early literacy education, transforming approximately 5,711 students into lifelong readers and learners.

Textbook Program

2023 Cumulative Totals




The Textbook Program provides textbooks to rural middle schools and trains teachers to use them effectively. 

students who received first-ever textbooks in 2023

Approximately 390 new students received first-ever textbooks at 3 newly enrolled schools in the Textbook Program!

Computer Centers Program

2023 Cumulative Totals

computer centers


The Computer Centers Program provides computers to rural middle schools and trains teachers how to use them effectively.

new students enrolled at Computer Centers

In 2023, we established 2 new Computer Centers, bringing 21st-century technological skills to 400 NEW students.

Rise Youth Development Program

2023 Totals



The Rise Program identifies promising young students who would otherwise be forced to drop out of school, and gives them the tools to break the cycle of poverty. In addition to providing full academic scholarships, Rise offers comprehensive support services from mentors, counselors, and psychologists, and engages students in workshops, community service, and visits to local businesses and universities that transform the way they think about their futures.

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