Friday Photo Fiesta is back, y’all! Exciting stuff, we know.

Guatemala is known for its colorful and intricate fabrics and weavings. It is indeed rare to find a traveler to Guatemala who can resist the allure of a brightly colored textile (or twenty). Just look at our office (spoiler alert: our walls are covered in textiles)!

The process itself is insanely elaborate–and beautiful, just like the finished product! Check it out…

thread shop

Small vendors in the market sell thread for women who weave while at home either for personal use or to sell in the market.



A double dying process allows weavers to create patterns in the weaving based on the spacing of the color blocks.

textile factory Guatemala

A larger textile factory would have several hand operated machines like this that create longer bolts of fabric.

textile fabrica

backstrap weaving

Backstrap weaving is a traditional technique that requires the woman keep track of several small placeholder sticks to create the intricate designs.

Guatemalan textiles

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