We’re getting closer to the big day—the official launch of our Education Center in Guatemala as our new program headquarters!


Major renovations are complete, the office furniture has been moved in, and we’re now getting chairs and tables delivered for conference rooms and setting up the computer lab. We’re putting on the finishing touches, getting ready to welcome all your smiling faces on February 10 or 24 for one of the official ribbon cuttings. (That’s right… this event is so momentous, we’re going to celebrate it TWICE!)

And speaking of smiling faces, can’t you just imagine the grins on our CoEd staff members’ faces when they got to start working out of this office?




There. Now you don’t have to imagine. You’re welcome!

That’s right, the teams from our former satellite office in Santiago moved in to the Education Center over the holidays, and kicked the New Year off right with a brand new office! The warehouse has also been moved into the new space, and we’re now rent-free of two of our former rented locations. The computer team and admin/management are moving throughout this month.

During our Graduation Tour in December, the shaded patio provided the perfect space for scholarship students to work side by side with their sponsors to prep materials for their service project the next day—then enjoy a picnic lunch together!


What, you thought since there were no books to deliver that we wouldn’t find a way to put you to work?


It’s all good, we made sure they were fairly compensated for their efforts with Pollo Campero!

Despite our thorough remodeling, you can expect to see some of the property’s natural flair—mismatched asphalt and concrete at the entrance, a few less-than-perfect drop ceilings, and so on. We want to make sure that the center is a beautiful place to work and visit—but we’re also paying close attention to which cosmetic improvements are reeeeeallllly needed. After all, we want to make sure every available penny goes to the kids we serve! The more we use the center, the more we’ll know what changes truly are necessary. For instance, we had planned not to install air conditioning due to the pleasant temps at this elevation, but the conference room did seem a bit stuffy after we packed it full of 80 scholarship students for a workshop last fall, so we’re now considering ways to improve ventilation or perhaps install a few AC units.

We can’t wait to see you on Feb. 10 or 24—or right back here at Bookmarks afterwards for an update if you can’t be there for the big day!


We’re as eager with anticipation as these scholarship students and parents who waited in the conference room to greet their sponsors!