Hey, so…noticed anything different about us lately? Do we seem a bit like a…fine wine or cheese to you? Mature? Sophisticated? Slightly more grown up?


Okay fine, we’ll just tell you: We’re turning 20!

Aaaaaaaaand: We want YOU to celebrate with us!

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That’s right, this year’s Fall Fiesta will celebrate all of the amazing things your support has helped accomplish in Guatemala over the past 20 years. With your help we’ve served over 162,700 students in 261 schools across 14 departments of Guatemala. Over 70,000 CORP books are now in circulation, over 138,000 textbooks are thumbed through by Guatemalan students on the regular, and more than 1,400 computers have been installed in computer centers across the Central and Western Highlands. In addition, 67 students have graduated from our Scholarship & Youth Development Program, and 87% of them are either employed or continuing their studies.

Phew! We think those are some pretty big accomplishments for a 20 year old! It’s time to party, don’t you think!?

Yes. Yes it is. Let’s get down to the details, shall we?


Saturday, November 12th from 7-11pm Put it in your calendar. Now. Done yet? Good, moving on.


Great American Ballpark! Our room at the GABP offers a spectacular view of downtown Cincinnati and its reflection glittering in the river. Last year there were fireworks…this year it’s our birthday…maybe someone will pull a few strings and make the fireworks happen again? (HINT HINT)


Heydi Chancho, a graduate of our Scholarship & Youth Development Program, a distinguished member of the Thousand Girls club, and a current staff member of our Scholarship Program (that’s right, she works for us) will be flying in to tell you her story in person. Get excited. She is the best.



This year’s event will have all of the fan-favorites like food and open bar as well as silent and live auctions loaded with prizes. You could even win a week-long vacation to Seabrook Island, SC!

Finally, we’ll be playing birthday games and reminiscing as we gaze at a display of photos that throwback all the way to 1996…you don’t want to miss it!

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