Paul VI Girl’s Tennis Team in Fairfax, Virginia doesn’t often encounter an obstacle they can’t overcome. After finishing second in their conference, they have become accustomed to winning, an attitude they carried off the court for a very important cause. Through various fundraising methods, including selling doughnuts and “Gifts in a Jar” cookie and soup mixes, the team was able to raise enough money to sponsor a textbook program at Jilotepeque Nacional Vespertino School in Guatemala. And that was just the beginning! 

Thank you cards from Guatemala

The tennis team received thank you cards and drawings from the students at Jilotepeque Nacional. Nothing says thank you like Winnie the Pooh!

Even after raising approximately $3,000 to date (that’s a lot of DOUGH-nuts! Pun intended. Not sorry.), the team has decided to fundraise again, this time to sponsor a scholarship student. Rick Schroeder, ardent CoEd supporter, advisory board member, and co-owner of the Fairfax Racquet Club is the spark that ignited this passion for service among the tennis team. Aleksandra Syska, Paul VI’s head coach, states that her “heart went out to the kids [in Guatemala] who desire to receive an education but understand the importance and priority of working to care for their families” after hearing Schroeder share his experiences and stories from Guatemala, where he has traveled seven times on CoEd project tours.

Paul VI Banner

Students in Guatemala hold up the banner created by the Paul VI athletes for their fundraisers.

Schroeder recently brought the tennis team thank you cards from the students at their sponsored school and pulseras, handmade Guatemalan bracelets. The girls wear their pulseras daily on and off the court as a reminder that their team unity makes an international impact. It appears that their excitement for this project is helping win tennis matches as well – many of their opponents are intimidated by the team’s camaraderie and passion. I call that a win-win!

Paul VI Girls Tennis Team show off their pulseras

Paul VI tennis team showing off their Guatemalan pulseras, and intimidating grimaces.

Have you ever fundraised for a cause?