Thanking a woman who has dedicated her life to your well-being, education, and happiness is no small feat. She has poured her heart, time, and resources into shaping you into the best version of yourself. Your mother would give you the world if she could. What can you possibly give her in return?

Sponsor a Scholarship

Some mothers don’t have the resources to give their children everything. Some mothers can’t even send their children to school. Honor your mother’s selflessness by giving mothers in Guatemala the chance to see their children succeed in life. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of education.

Roberto Ixcot and his mother

Guatemalan student Roberto Ixcot and his mother are thrilled to be part of the CoEd family thanks to your generosity. Read his story here.

Sponsor a scholarship student in Guatemala in honor of your mom to help students like Gustavo Xicay achieve their dreams. Gustavo is 12. His mother, Sandra, is a widow. She says, “I wish so much that Gustavo could continue studying. I don’t want to see him working in the fields and suffering under the hot sun.” With the help of a CoEd scholarship Gustavo dreams of becoming a lawyer to one day support his mother. He wants to be able to repay her for her many sacrifices.

Scholarship student Gustavo

Gustavo and his mother are hoping YOU will help them break the cycle of poverty.

This year, celebrate mom with a gift that is just as generous as she is and change the lives of families in Guatemala. Become a Diploma Sponsor to honor the sacrifices made by your mother, Gustavo’s mother, and mothers everywhereSign up here today! List your mother’s name and address in the comments section and we will even send her a photo and information about the student who will benefit from your tribute to her.

As CoEd Development Director Holly End states, “We are all the same.  Mothers across the world love their kids with equal ferocity.  As a mom with countless advantages simply because I was born in the US, it is my privilege to stand in unity with the moms in Guatemala and help make the educational dreams they have for their children reality.”

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere; Guatemala, the United States, and beyond.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?