Dear CoEd supporters,

Here at CoEd we never stop giving thanks for you, and we hope you have much to be thankful for as well.

As the gift-giving season kicks off, we wanted to share with you a special story of a third-grade student named Noe. Earlier this year as part of CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program, Noe’s teacher Maria read her students a book titled The Surprise Gift. To exercise their critical thinking skills, she asked them to answer questions related to the story, and one of those questions was: “What kind of gift would you like for your birthday?”

Portada de libro_Regalo sorpresa

Most of Noe’s classmates wrote things like toys, cakes, clothes, shoes, or outings with their parents. But Noe wrote simply, a hug.

“Why do you only want a hug?” Maria asked him.

“Because that’s all my family can afford to give me.”

In this season of joy and gratitude, you have the opportunity to give Noe what his family can’t afford. By pledging $20 per month, $240 one time, or another amount, you can help give Noe and thousands of students like him the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Your donation will help support our new Education Center in the heart of Guatemala, which will transform our ability to serve students like Noe for years to come.

Ed Center Pano Bright

If you choose to donate $20 per month or $240 one time, your gift will also be recognized with a special commemorative tile on the wall of our new home. Just be sure to fill out the “Tribute Information” section of our donate form.

So will you give Noe the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in his family? With your help, someday he’ll be able to offer his own children hugs and so much more.