The CoEd Staff recently weighed in on their favorite places in Guatemala. Joining CoEd on an upcoming Project Tour? Consider adding a few days onto your trip to Guatemala to see some of these great places!

Ann's favorite Gautemala location

A view of a community from the Western Highlands of Guatemala, one of Ann’s favorite places.

“I love visiting the little mountaintop schools in the rural highlands, especially during the rainy season when everything is green. You can look out at the hills and valleys below, and see a green patchwork quilt of farmland, roads, forest, and small communities spread as far as the eye can see.” -Ann

Tikal Ruins

Katie’s choice? The mysterious Mayan ruins of Tikal.

“It’s too hard to choose among all the amazingly welcoming communities I’ve visited, so I’ll go with Tikal. The sense of history in the Mayan ruins combines with the jungle surroundings and the frequent roars of howler monkeys to create an awe-inspiring experience.” -Katie

Pelican Boat

Photo via Flickr

“My favorite location in Guatemala would have to be floating down the Rio Dulce on a sunny afternoon.” -Gina

Loma Linda

A women from the town of Loma Linda, Jenn’s all-time favorite place in Guatemala, sorts though harvested coffee beans.

“My all-time favorite is a tiny village called Loma Linda, where I studied for 5 weeks. Situated next to the active volcano Santiaguito, the village boasts some cool finds, including a worm-composting project, eco-hotel, Quetzal bird-watching, and a view of the entire coffee cycle.” -Jennifer

Ixil Triangle

Although last visited several years ago, the Ixil Triangle can’t be topped in Holly’s opinion.

“My favorite place I’ve visited in Guatemala is the Ixil Triangle. I loved the beauty of the landscape and the people, as well as the remoteness. It seemed frozen in time, and how cool that they have a whole language there for just a few little villages!” -Holly

Lake Atitlan

Famously called “the most beautiful lake in the world” by Aldous Huxley. Renee agrees.

“My favorite Guatemalan destination spot so far has to be ON Lake Atitlán—the beauty of both the water and the volcanic surroundings are simply breathtaking. This past February was my first time down with CoEd, so hopefully I’ll be able to build my repertoire of favorite places sooner than later!” -Renee