Thousand Girls

Daily as we sit at our desks and clackety-clack on our keyboards, this question is at the forefront of our minds…and we know you’ve been thinking about it too! Our Thousand Girls Initiative aims to reach 1,000 girls through the Scholarship & Youth Development Program by 2020. In short—we’ve got dreams of a new generation of educated Guatemalan women. How close are we to our goal?

Well, let’s start with the numbers for this year. We’re currently gunning to find sponsors for 358 students and 5 NEW communities to join the Scholarship Program in 2017 That means we’ve got to get some serious cash flowing this year. Where are we at?

As you can see, things ain’t looking too shabby. 267 deserving students are now assured a seat in the classroom next year and 2 of 5 communities have permission to get way too excited about the Scholarship Program coming to town. The goal is so close…but how will we get there?

Enter (stage left) YOU, the dramatic hero/heroine.

That’s right, we need YOU to save the day (well, year) and move Guatemala that much closer to seeing a new generation of educated women stand up and shine. Here are two of the best ways you can help:

Sponsor a student.

We’ve got 91 smiling faces who are so anxious to go to school next year…and to meet you. Without you, their dreams will never become a reality. With you, they find the confidence to believe in themselves and keep persevering. Will you keep a student from dropping out and help her achieve her dreams?

(Psst—We’ve also got boys who need your help. Guatemalan boys aren’t traditionally excluded from education like girls are, but we think it’s important to educate them alongside their female peers. It helps both genders understand the importance of educating girls as well as boys!)

meet the students

Throw a party.

Yep, you read that right too! Maybe you already sponsor a student–you’re already a hero–well what’s left to do? Share the love! No one understands better than you do the special relationship that forms between a sponsor and student. Why not get your friends together, wine and dine a little bit, and then talk scholarships? You may just have a friend who would love to be a sponsor too.

We’ll even send you all the materials you’ll need to answer your friends’ questions about the Scholarship Program. Give us a holler!

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Mary Consuelo Raxón

Our students thank you!