Back in August GRAMMY nominated rock band The National performed back-to-back benefit concerts in support of the Thousand Girls Initiative. Now lead singer Matt Berninger (Joe and Jeff’s cooler cousin) and the rest of the band are back with another super-sweet project to support girls’ education!


Joe Requests a Drumroll

Joe requests a drumroll

We are proud to announce that The National is auctioning off a VIP MUSIC EXPERIENCE through the CharityBuzz auction platform! Enjoy that high profile lifestyle with two VIP tickets to the Panorama Music Art and Technology Festival in New York City, July 22nd – 24th. VIP admission includes expedited entry, so-close-you-can-smell-the-band seating, premium food and (alcoholic) drink options, shade, and more.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! (Sorry, we’re in announcer mode now.)

You will not SIMPLY roll in to the Panorama Festival: you will roll in to the Panorama Festival AND be greeted warmly by your close, close, personal friends—The National.

Win a meet and greet with The National!

Sounding good yet? Even when it’s over it won’t be over. In appreciation for your coming out, The National will also mail you a signed poster and signed deluxe vinyl box set of Trouble Will Find Me. They are just so thoughtful, aren’t they?

Make Your Bid Now

Seriously, though, they are some of the sweetest rock stars we know. The band has continued to advocate for educational opportunities for indigenous Guatemalan girls, who on average receive only 1.8 years of education:

“Research tells us that one of the most effective ways for developing nations to change the cycle of poverty is by educating the girls,” says Matt. “Research also shows that new businesses founded and run by women have significantly higher rates of success than those founded and run by men. Places where women and girls don’t get the same opportunities as men to educate themselves are very often the places in the most trouble.”

Matt and the band are even sponsoring a student of their own—Kimberly, whose dream is to become a business manager and “break free from the poverty” in which she currently lives. Asked what he would like to say to Kimberly as she enters middle school (something that neither of her parents were able to do), Matt said: “Watch out for Algebra!”

Kimberly Perobal

Matt is actually a long-time supporter of CoEd: “I’ve seen for myself how effective CoEd has been ever since it was founded 20 years ago,” he says. And he’s not kidding!

Matt Berninger in Guatemala

Matt Berninger in Guatemala

Want to join The National in support of the Thousand Girls Initiative?

Bid on the VIP music experience or sponsor a student—better yet, do both!