Cooperative for Education is on a mission. Ok, obviously our main mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. But our mission within that mission is to start providing scholarships to a whole lot more Guatemalan students— we are nearly TRIPLING the number of students in our Scholarship & Youth Development Program over the next three years. Is it ambitious? Yes. Is it do-able? Absolutely… with your help! See how scholarships have impacted lives already and where the program is headed next.

Past Scholarship Recipient Graduates with Distinction

Lesly graduation from nursing

Lesly proudly displays her diploma and academic achievement certificate at her graduation ceremony next to her beaming parents.

Lesly Patzan recently graduated first in her high school class. Amidst the celebration, she couldn’t help but think back to sixth grade: “My dad had just been diagnosed with cancer. My mother started working at a vegetable packing plant to pay the medical bills. With seven children and only one income, they were struggling to put food on the table.” Lesly was on the verge of dropping out of school to start working. That is, until she was accepted into CoEd’s Scholarship Program. With a CoEd scholarship, Lesly was able to stay in school and achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. 

Present Students Learn Important Skills

There are plenty of success stories in the making currently navigating their way through school. Not only do these scholarship students have caring sponsors invested in their success, but they also benefit from CoEd’s youth development program. In fact, we have found youth development training to be such a valuable part of the students’ education that we are revamping it to offer even more support to the students. This program teaches valuable life lessons about community service, leadership and citizenship.

current scholarship student, Maritza

Maritza has the opportunity to not only stay in school, but to benefit from the youth development program thanks to the generosity of supporters like YOU.

During a workshop on entrepreneurship, the presenter asked each student to write about an entrepreneur who has been an inspiration to them. Ninth grader Maritza Cuc Por wrote, “I admire CoEd and the people who started the organization that made it possible for us to follow our dreams. I admire the people that donate to CoEd because they help those of us that don’t have many resources to be better members of society, to improve the conditions of our families, our communities, and our country.”

Future Students Need Scholarship Sponsors

Maritza wouldn’t have been able to continue her education without a CoEd scholarship. With the program expansion, there are 61 new students who hope to receive a scholarship next school year. Jaqueline dreams of earning a diploma as a bilingual secretary in order to work and earn money to help support her family. To make this dream a reality, Jaqueline needs a sponsor.

Jaqueline Sincal scholarship hopeful

Jaqueline hopes to become a bilingual secretary. Will YOU help her achieve her dream?

You’ve read about Lesly’s achievements and Maritza’s opportunities. Will you give Jaqueline the same chance? Will you help make the future brighter for these 61 students?

Meet the students waiting for your sponsorship. That’s right; you can actually see their pictures, learn their aspirations, then choose which student you would like to sponsor today!