Materials Needed:

  • Caulking Gun
  • Construction Adhesive
  • Utility Knife
  • Hooks
  • Old Books (disclaimer: we do NOT condone destroying books, but these poor guys were about to be thrown out. Technically, we saved them. No big deal.)
  • 60+ generous donors willing to help make CoEd’s new office dreams a reality


  1. Figure out how to use a caulking gun. Practice by gluing your child’s lunchbox to their coat. They’ll never forget lunch again! Unless they forget their coat… back to the drawing board…
  2. Cut the book covers off of your old books using a utility knife. Face the sharp edge away from your body – we’re not trying to add any anecdotes about why you’re missing a third of your ring finger to your arsenal of overused stories.
  3. Using the construction adhesive and the caulking gun, carefully glue the book covers into a fun and aesthetically appealing shape– we took the asymmetrical blob route.
  4. Let dry (at least 5 seconds).
  5. Contact your favorite engraver in the whole wide world, Matthew Kane, at Cutting Edge Engraving to have nameplates made in honor of everyone who donated to the CoEd Wall of Honor. An enormous thank you to Matthew for donating the engraved nameplates. You. Are. The. Best.
  6. Hang your art using hooks in a very conspicuous and easy-to-see location. After all, you are going to want to show this masterpiece off. And the most important step of all…
  7. Leave room for more book covers to be added. That’s right; you still have a chance to leave your mark on this one-of-a-kind work of art that is gracing our office wall. It is such a gift to have a tangible reminder of the generosity and enthusiasm shown by YOU, our donors. Check out our Wall of Honor donation page to have your very own nameplate created. Bonus: you get to tell us what you want your plaque to say. Suggestions include: In Honor of…, In Memory of…, or Special Thanks to….

On that note, we want to say a special thanks to all of our supporters who have already so generously donated to this project. It is an honor and a pleasure to be reminded of your support on a daily basis.

Now get crafting!

Special Thanks to all the Reaching New Heights Donors!

  • US Office Sponsored by Jeff and Suzanne Taylor
  • Special Thanks to the McCarter Family
  • Special Thanks to Paul and Marilyn Porcino
  • Special Thanks to Carolee and Gerrit Terpstra
  • Special Thanks to the Gieseke Family
  • Special Thanks to Steve and Maria Gerke
  • In Honor of Nico, Ria, Teo, & Maya Northrop
  • Special Thanks to the John Keleher Family
  • Special Thanks to the Ed and Joann Hubert Family
  • In Honor of the Children of Guatemala
  • In loving memeory of Walter and Elaine Kearns
  • In Honor of All Children and Their Mothers
  • Special Thanks to the Women and Families of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland
  • Special Thanks to a Friend of CoEd
  • In Memory of Ann Farina
  • Special Thanks to Trevor Neckles and Friends
  • In Honor of Suzanne Keane
  • Gratefully Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie and the Henderson and Podmore Families
  • From your Friends Casey and Tak
  • In Honor of Jack and Marie Murphy
  • In Memory of Lloyd and Catherine Byrne
  • In Memory of Elias Bazini Zea
  • In Honor of David Zack
  • Special Thanks to Ann Marie Stieritz and John B. Carran
  • In Honor of Tony, Jessica, Luke, and Jonah Stieritz
  • Special Thanks to Brad and Rosa Duncan
  • In Honor of Pedro and Angela Chacah
  • Many Thanks to CoEd from Chris and Valerie Finn DeLuca
  • In Honor of Zachary and Cecilia End
  • In Memory of Helen DeChatelet
  • In Honor of Don and Kathleen Kammer
  • In Honor of Jennifer L. Sands
  • Special Thanks to David Berry
  • In Honor of Knowledge
  • In Memory of Howard and Olga Schutte
  • In Honor of Current and Future Authors
  • In Honor of Kathy Moroney
  • In Honor of Rachel and Susannah Wilson upon their graduation
  • Special Thanks to Geoff and Lisa Covert
  • In Honor of Mary J. Walsh
  • In Memory of Gregg Reilly
  • In Honor of Catarina Kenat
  • Special Thanks to the Jack and Marilyn Murphy Family
  • In Memory of Milred “Millie” Reese
  • In Memory of Dave Hollstegge
  • Special Thanks to Jerry and Loreda Johnson
  • Special Thanks to Joe, Rebecca, Luke, Tommy, and Catherine Berninger
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Gouge and Commie Farrell
  • Special Thanks to Ann Livingston and John O’Toole
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  • In Memory of Robert H. Ellerhorst
  • Special Thanks to Mario and Cindy Contreras
  • In Honor of Elaine Berninger
  • In Honor of Marina and Rosa
  • In Honor of Rosa Pompeo
  • Special Thanks to Mike and Tanya Murphy
  • In Honor of Florence C. and Norbert E. Schmid
  • In Memory of Carol Winkler
  • Special Thanks to the Herr Family
  • In Memeory of Pearl Sefton
  • In Honor of Mary Summe
  • In Honor of Joe and Jeff Berninger
  • Special Thanks to Ramzi and Sarah Sifri
  • In Honor of Kevin and Mary jo Berlon
  • In Honor of Helen and Ted Prosak
  • In Memory of Richard Schroeder
  • Special Thanks to Diane Rohe
  • In Honor of Laura Dempsey
  • In Memor of Dr. & Mrs. Dumont Staatz and Mr. & Mrs. Eric Liebenberg
  • Special Thanks to Stephen Kondash and Kathleen Bennett
  • Special Thanks to Dennie and Steve Stieritz
  • Special Thanks to Philip and Patricia Murray
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