Well, another successful tour to Guatemala is in the books and we can’t wait to share all of the exciting moments that occurred during those ten days! A little background info for you: 31 Rotary International volunteers participated in the Guatemala Literacy Project Tour from February 1-10th (with a little help from the CoEd staff, of course). Trekking in a caravan of nine vehicles from Guatemala City to San Marcos and back, we saw a ton of the sights of Guatemala, both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking.  There are just too many stories to cram into one blog post, so you’ll have to be satisfied—for now—with one highlight from each day…

Enjoy our top 10 moments of the 2013 GLP Tour!

Rotarian assembling school supply kits

Friday: Volunteers assembled nearly 1,000 school supply kits to hand out to a CORP school.  That’s right, one THOUSAND. We had a regular leaning tower of school supplies!

Rainbow by Lake Atitlan
Saturday: Lake Atitlán provided the most spectacular backdrop for an informal tour introduction meeting.  As if that wasn’t enough, we were graced with a rainbow. A good omen for the remainder of the trip? You betcha.

Katie desserts at Posada
Sunday: Another relaxing day by the lake, complete with a walking tour of Santiago Atitlán and Katie’s consumption of three desserts at Posada de Santiago. Katie, we applaud your ambition—those desserts were delicious.

RTC Graduation

Monday: First ever graduation of a Rural Technology Center that will now manage their computer lab on their own after three years of training by CoEd. Can I get a woot woot?! No? How about some light applause? Great.

Indigenous girls with new textbooks

Tuesday: A small group of “valientes”, or brave ones, ventured off the road into dirt path, 4-wheel drive, might need to use that sick bag territory to deliver textbooks to the students at Las Majadas Cooperative School.

Traditional weaving in Guatemala

Wednesday: Students from Colegio Noj took us on a walking tour of Zunil complete with a home visit. It was a special day, where we witnessed both the heartache of the abject poverty facing these families and their joy at being able to share their homes and stories with us gringos.

Technology in Action sponsors

Thursday: A squealing posse of 500 teenage girls welcomed volunteers to El Hogar and showed off their brand new computer lab and skills (with many of the technology in action sponsors present). Squealing might actually be an understatement; these girls were shouting at a heretofore undiscovered decibel level

May you rise up in flight,
higher than the condor and the royal eagle
and on your wings may you lift the immortal
name of Guatemala to heaven!

Friday: The nearly 1,000 primary schoolkids at Parramos Urbana Integral regaled us with the Guatemalan National Anthem with the full force of 2,000 little lungs. Very impressive performance. 

Saturday:  A beautiful day in sunny Antigua spent with students in the Scholarship program and their sponsors, complete with a 360 degree photo from the top of La Merced.

Sunday: Unfortunately the only day without a highlight—just tearful departures and promises to return!

See the complete highlight reel on our Facebook page.

When will YOU be joining us for a volunteer trip to Guatemala?