Infographic: Why Does Education in Guatemala Matter?

Allow us to paint a vivid picture for you of what a good education means for a Guatemalan student and how difficult it can be to attain through our new infographic.

Why does education in Guatemala matter? Infographic

This is why CoEd provides textbook, computer, literacy, and scholarship programs to break even one student out of poverty. Thanks to your support of CoEd’s programs, more students are completing those 12 years of education necessary to support a family. And we think that matters a great deal.

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  1. Bookmarks » Blog Archive » Katie’s Guatemala Field Report #2: Field Trip to Masesa Says:

    […] Last week, the middle school scholarship students got to visit a corporate environment for a motorcycle import company and CoEd corporate funder, Masesa, and meet professionals in a variety of positions. Many of the students are in the process of choosing what field to student in vocational high school next year so it was invaluable experience for them! I think we’ve got a few aspiring mechanics after our visit. They also heard from Human Resource professionals who shared what skills and qualities they look for when they’re hiring (they emphasized that a high school degree is a must). […]

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